Thursday, 11 August 2011

MCS accreditation

MCS accreditation is an easy accreditation to get - How hard can it be to fill in a few forms and put up a solar panel? Well this week I have just discovered exactly how hard it can be! - Which I must admit has been a lot more difficult than I expected or anticipated.

There are still many hiccups which could happen along the way and events which may mean that the IV Solar application for MCS accreditation is rejected.. However the learning curve involved with setting up a complex solar installation and project managing it from start to finish has been very steep. 

On top of the installation required we have had to put in place a whole QMS and make sure that all of our policies and procedures are in place and meet correct standards.

From figures I have read, I understand that over 3200 companies have passed the MCS accreditation in the past year, and over 300 companies are applying to be accredited every month - A figure which is also rising every month. The Solar PV installation business is booming in the UK and it's exciting to be a part of it. I wonder if i was not so involved in the development of the industry if i would notice stories in the news relating to renewable energy every day but the seem to appear everywhere compared to a few years ago I harely had an understanding of what renewable energy was! 

I will update this blog post once the panels are up and the assessment has taken place to comment on the process and hopefully to confirm that IV Solar are an MCS accredited Solar PV installer! 

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