Saturday, 3 September 2011

Energy Related Linkedin Groups

Here at IV Cleantech we love Linkedin ...

Our team are members of some fantastic groups and these have been a great source of information for us to develop our understanding of the renewable energy industry and interact with like minded people. We alos have extensive networks which has given us access to some of the finest minds in the renewbale enegry industry!
Here is a list of our top 10 renewable energy related Linkedin groups:

10. Think Green - With over 14,000 members this really is a very large forum to share green information and meet experts in their field

9. The Renewable Energy Network - Rapidly approaching 10,000 members - growing every day - This network has some excellent discussions around renewables

8. Green - The largest renewable energy related group with well over 100,000 members

7. Wind Energy Professionals - With nearly 30,000 members this group is a great source of knowledge in the onshore and offshore wind industry

6. InRenewables -  A close knit community for green job seekers

5. Linked:Energy - Approaching 100,000 members covering energy industry expertise

4. Clean Economy Network - For cleantech and renewable energy business leaders

3. Energy Industry Professionals - Over 7,000 high quality vetted industry experts

2. Solar Energy Professionals - 30,000+ Solar PV & Thermal professionals - specialised group

1. Renewable Energy Jobs - This group is a brilliant and fast growing resource for up to the minute UK Energy job updates - Our number 1 recommended Linkedin group

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