Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Basic Solar Panel Installation

How Do You Install Solar Panels?

Solar panels are becoming increasing popular these days. They are better for the environment, save on fuel and energy costs and are becoming cheaper to purchase. Have you bought solar panels for your home or business, but are unsure how to install? You are in luck as we are going to discuss the installation process for solar panels.

First thing that you should note is that it is easier to install your solar panels while your roof is being re-shingled. You can also create an exterior solar panel that is separate from your roof. If you are installing it on your roof, you should do the following:

1. Use the provided mounts and secure those to your roof
a. Using a stud-finder, find the rafters in your roof and attach the mounts to the rafter.
b. Ensure that you are installing them in a straight line. You can use some string and chalk or a laser light to create a straight line on your roof.
2. Secure the mounts to the roof with stainless steel bolts.
3. Use metal flashing's and install those over the mounts.
4. Next, attach the solar panels by placing them in a straight line across the roof where the bolts are located.
5. Lastly, you will have to connect the conduit from the panels to the inverter. This inverter will take the solar energy and convert it into renewable energy for your home or business.

That’s all there is to installing solar panels. It’s not hard and you can do it yourself!

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